Matilda’s Bridge, A DUPPY STORY FILM

For Immediate Release attention editor

See attachment for additional details..

Press Release
For immediate Release

We announce the worldwide release of our new film: MATILDA’S BRIDGE, A DUPPY STORY. 
The Distributor is: Echelon Studios and is released on Amazon Video worldwide.

Will Brown  (Mustafa Tut Brown) a Life Coach appears with his particular brand of ghosts hunting, in this highly anticipated twist on scare and drama, it’s action packed, it’s a Humor filled film, MATILDA’S BRIDGE, A DUPPY STORY. 

The film follows Will Brown as he races to uncover the truth about the Duppy-man and his missing clients. Based upon true events, authored by MUSTAFA-TUT BROWN’s writings.. Filmed in Jamaica and Canada. 

On wide release at Amazon worldwide and other online outlets.’s+bridge

Here is the official theatrical trailer release for Matilda’s Bridge, A DUPPY STORY FILM.


For interviews, questions and further information about this project contact Mustafa Tut Brown at 4164569570 or 416-514-0803 or email


Author: duppystorymatildasbridgeaduppystory

Film Producer, director, writer, Life Coach Actor

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